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Sustainability is one of the top 10 factors affecting Global Fashion today and from 2020 onwards a wake-up call for all businesses to embrace this time of huge change. Predictions from the Business of Fashion indicate this to be the biggest challenge for the fashion industry as we go into the next decade.


We consult and advise on strategy to implement the sustainable design journey, from forecasting to circularity, transparency, supply chain, fair trade, labour laws to organic, diversity, communication and structure, we can advise and help you every step of the way. Creating simplicity into the Circularity and Conscious Fashion conversations helping you to communicate complex supply chains in an easy way to create the most significant changes to implement into your brand thinking. We can help you to develop a Sustainable Design Strategy and work through which materials, fabrications, and certification bodies are essential for your brand ethos and market position. 


Get in touch here, and together we can help shape your brand towards a more sustainable future in partnership with designers, suppliers, producers and other stakeholders.


Having worked for 30 years in the Conscious Fashion area with a wealth of knowledge and experience, it is an absolute honour to be able to assist the future of your brand, you can rely on our absolute confidentiality at all times, the future of your brand is in safe hands.


Contact our reception to book a free appointment:  


Brands, Press and Retailers we have worked with include: 

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