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Fashion is in the sky, in the street. Fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”
Coco Chanel




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Conscious Consultancy is a circular and sustainable fashion design consultancy. Based in Brighton and London, we predominantly serve the fashion and lifestyle industries. A multi-award-winning pioneering sustainable fashion professional. Known for innovative sustainable design with a directional design aesthetic, with considered use of natural and progressive materials.  Experienced in handling all aspects of the sustainable design process across sampling, production, supply chain, and product development. Steered by strategy and social conscience, we transform global businesses. Specializing in design best practices and covering sourcing and materials selection, we introduce innovative thinking in sustainability to supply chains. Looking at ways for resource management to reduce, resolve, and repurpose parts of the design journey to a cooler planet. Our mission is to drive transparency, inspire good practice, and reduce harm to the environment. With a decade’s experience working with iconic high street brands, Conscious Consulting is at the forefront of the luxury sustainability revolution. Through global biodiversity, inclusion, and best practice methodology. Our consultancy, workshop, and communications services reinvigorate business operations and build consumer trust. 


Working to mentor designers and innovate with Global Luxury and Boutique Brands to create a Sustainable, Circular, design-led fashion industry.


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What is it?


A Global Luxury Sustainable Design Strategy. Offering smart thinking tools for executives. Problem solving and solution generating. It's a complete service for developing sustainability into the mainstream culture of your organization. listening and finding new ways to be part of the solution for a cleaner greener world and a cooler planet.


With the rise of the Conscious Consumer, our expertise has a wide reach. At the forefront of the Conscious Design movement in the '90s, part of the continuing conversation for over 30 years we are well placed to enable change. 

Creatively we can work with you and your team with successful design and communication strategies for brand voice, with Styling, Art Direction, Content Development, Social Media, and Creative Campaign Ideas. Working together with photographers, and film makers to create innovative exciting collaborations.  


Sustainable business is increasingly the most important direction for any fashion brand and we can help you navigate your way through sustainable supply chain footprint to sustainable fabrics for your brand, and the necessary certifications and steps required to becoming a B-Corp business. 


Cie has partnered with designers at London Fashion Week to high street names from Anthropologie and Whistles, Levis to Liberty's,  Dr. Martins, to Sweaty Betty with innovative creative collaborations. 

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Let's Keep Earth Cool!


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@consciousearthwear or @cielshopinteriors

@theconsciousfashionshow @consciouslab


Sarah Ratty FRSA Conscious Fashion Design Pioneer



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