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Sarah Ratty
Fashion Pioneer
Circular Design since 1990 
A Model in White and Brown

Conscious Design Consultancy

Conscious Consultancy design philosophy established in 1990 has been widely adopted as best practice enabling businesses to tap into a wealth of sustainability and knowledge that will elevate their brand, empower developing communities, and create a springboard for a better world. We believe that the choices you make have a dramatic effect, all the way through the supply chain. Businesses' that incorporate sustainably sourced raw materials into their model, create more impact and demonstrate positive change. Promoting sustainability, through biodiversity from raw materials, transparency, innovation, methodology, human rights; collaboration and partnership with respect for both people and planet is transforming businesses globally.


Conscious Consultancy for Global Luxury has been at the forefront of change in the apparel and Creative industry since the early '90s and has worked to transform the industry from within through collaborative design, certification, and best practice. We can advise you on the best process for your brand and suggest which routes to take to make a lasting difference, through training and workshops with the key staff we can empower your team for lasting effective change.

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